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Cornell University

SciAI Center

Scientific Artificial Intelligence Center

The SciAI Center is a community of researchers who share a common interest in carefully studying the scientific questions that arise at the intersection of AI and science.

Cornell, Cal Tech, Berkeley, Brown, US Naval Academy, University of Cambridge, University of California Santa Cruz

The community members that we have assembled are select mathematicians, computer scientists, and engineers; all having a deep interest in how applied mathematics can facilitate our theoretical and practical understanding of novel SciAI systems and architectures.

Our community is also deeply curious about the interplay between scientific data and learning: a topic at the heart of SciAI. As a community, we are committed to helping underrepresented student groups gain access to our leading-edge discoveries and emerging tools. We see this access as pivotal to increasing interest in STEM fields, and enhancing retention. Additionally, we believe that by exposing our student cohorts to new methods and techniques, we will instill skills that create avenues to future, professional opportunities.

The SciAI Center is funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), under Grant Number N00014-23-1-2729.
Office of Naval Research